How Can You Tell if It’s a Good Logo Design?

Every business wants a good logo design, but how can we separate the ones that are pleasing to look at to the ones that are, well, not good. How can we define a good logo? Does it need to be colorful or will a simple design work?

These are but a few of the questions being asked by companies who are either new to the business world or want a redesign of their current logo.

The first thing to understand is why you need a good logo. A good, or an even great logo design will essentially portray the company. It will brand all the elements pertaining to the business, including products, services, and even the company itself. The logo should display all of this in an artistic, yet definitive, way.

The key to a good logo is for it to make a long lasting impression. Businesses need to make it so that it is very easy to remember, in a good way. One example of a logo that can be easily remembered is that of the Medela Breast PUMP Parts. It’s simple, very definitive, and very easy to remember.

Companies often make the wrong assumption that it needs to be a complicated artistic design. While this may be true in some cases but in the modern era it is better to have a simple design that leaves a giant impact. The simpler the logo, the easier it is to remember.

Businesses also need to take consideration as to what colors they should be using in their logo. Once again, it should portray their company well and the colors should not clash. The business should use complimentary colors in their logo for it to stand out.

A good logo design can even become the starting point of a successful business.

The Importance of Logo Design

Medela Breast Pump Parts

Creating a logo design is one of the strategies beneficial to any form of business. Why is it so? Simply put, designing a convincing logo is akin to strengthening the name of your business. For instance, if you are marketing a product useful for breastfeeding mothers, like MEDELA BREAST PUMP PARTS, by its form and character, having such design creates something that would benefit your operation in the market.

There are certain important things relevant to logo creation. Firstly, you can simply stabilize the identity of your product. As your product logo is getting its name in the market, due to identity stabilization, people would somehow inculcate to their mind the nature and character of your product.

Secondly, besides the identity factor, this strategy is something that would strengthen brand name. Designing a product logo is doing the branding technique, by which people (your target clients) would really appreciate and admire.

Thirdly, by having your own identifying trademark, you can simply campaign for your own vision and purpose. It is in the logo, where things relevant to your vision and purpose are clearly symbolized.

Fourthly, you can simply attract your target market when there is a visible emblem that would represent the importance of your product. Yes, having an emblem is a way of representing your product in the marketplace, where your desired business profit is inclined to.

These four reasons stipulated above are, of course, intertwined into something very important to any form of business. Therefore, when you are doing business that has something to do with any type of logo design, having a logo or emblem would be one of the surest ways to consider marketing the product or service similar to the Medela Breast pump parts example we stated above. By way of formal representation in the marketplace, the nursing mothers would somehow understand right upon a glance in your own logo that your product is beneficial and useful to them.

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Challenges of creating a brand logo!

Best Rated Eye CreamFirst, What Is A Logo?

To really understand the process of logo creation we first need to understand what the main purpose of logos is. The design ultimate goal is to make the logo immediately recognizable, create admiration, convey trust and inspire loyalty. Those words can seems scary at first for entrepreneur but creation your logo is ultimately related to the success on your brand in the market.

The logo is one aspect of a company’s brand. It represent its identity. Paul Rand, one of the best designers say that “a logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign. A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies. A logo is rarely a description of a business. A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it represents is more important than what it looks like. The subject matter of a logo can be almost anything.”

On today’s case study we are going to take example of a really well known brand Revitol Eye Cream.

Key Elements

-Creating a Persona. Your designers should use a persona to create your logo. A good tip could be to define the exact characteristic of the persona and print a picture of him/her and put it where everyone can see it.

A Women, mid 40 with children worry about her look and looking for the best advices on the web. We print a giant picture of her on the wall and work on the logo thinking about her.

-Vision. What is the vision that the company wants to transmit with its logo?

Revitol’s logo needed to reflect purity, nature and calm. Those tree qualities were specially named to serve a purpose, a function. Every details have to be though out before starting creating a logo.

-Defining the purpose. Is the brand transmitting a message? Tell some characteristics? Does it comfort? Amuse? Find the sentiments and emotions that you want your target market to feel when they look at your logo.

The purpose needed to create a trust between women and the company. The big “eye” represent the company as the “big brother” watching the web for you and tell your that they always going be there to inform you of the best hydrating eye cream with their Revitol reviews.


-For more on Paul Rand, consider reading the book Design, Form & Chaos.

When You Have to Start Over

Man Snoring
As we have mentioned before, keeping our customers happy is our number one priority here at Prime Logo Design. However, sometimes there are cases that are harder than others and we have to make sure to maintain our positive reputation and reviews when it comes to logo design so sometimes you have to start over.

Recently we had one of those scenarios where we were hired by a company to create a logo for them and it took several revisions before they were finally happy with what they had! We asked their permission to share their story here and they were more than happy to oblige.

If you have someone in your life that is a snorer, then finding a solution for that is a necessity for both your sleep and sanity! We were contacted by one of the best anti snoring mouthpiece companies, Good Morning Snore Solution, to create a custom logo for their product.

The company wanted something that helps them stand out from all the other anti snoring mouthpieces on the market, but that was not an easy task. In fact, it took us over five revisions to finally come up with the logo that made their heart sing!

We share this story not to make that particular company seem picky or difficult to work with. That is not the case at all. Instead, we share it to let you know that we are always willing to do as many revisions as necessary when it comes to logo design for our clients. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and providing a final product that you are satisfied with is key to our business!

If you feel your logo design request is a special one, please feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. We won’t stop until you are fully satisfied and that is our guarantee!


Unique Logo Design Projects

As a logo design company, we love working with all types of businesses.  We have worked with people from all industries and all walks of life it seems.  Some of the requests we get are a bit quirky or out of the box and some of the logos are very simple.  We have seen it all and everything in between and are more than happy to do any type of logo for any business!

Here are a few of our most unique logo designs:

1.  Custom Yacht Tours

A custom Yacht company that offers tours contacted us to put together a logo to help them promote their tour business.  They wanted a  logo with people inside the boat and putting people inside a very small image is not an easy task!  We ended up with a very unique and colorful design that the company loved.

2.  Medical Alert System

These alert devices are frequently used by senior citizens or those with special needs.  It is a simple medical device that they can press in case of an emergency and help will be on the way.  We did a design for the Freedom Alert device, made by LogicMark Freedom Alert, which was a very unique opportunity and quite fun.  The design was impressive!

3.  Pet Designs

One of our most popular companies to help are pet supply companies.  We have a lot of experience in logo design in this area so people always like that they can see many samples before making their final decision on the design.

These are just a few of the unique logo designs that Prime Logo Design has created in the past.  The list is much longer, but we wanted to share this with you so that you know, if you are looking for a logo design, no matter what the type, we are happy to help!